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Project information:


300 thousand t/y ethanol-added gasoline by processing sweet potato
Content: The project, located in Zhongjian Village of Tashang Town, covering an area of 300 mu, intends to build one 300 thousand t/y ethanol-added gasoline factory, ten 1-million-kilogram ecological preservation vaults of sweet potatoes and construct300 thousand mu special sweet potato growing base for the production of ethanol-added gasoline.
Classification: Chemical Industry
Region: Shi Jiazhuang
Total invested capital: 9.88 million US dollars
Foreign investment to be introduced: 8.64 million US dollars
Investment estimation and cooperation pattern: Joint investment, cooperation or whatever
Economical efficiency analysis: When put into production, the project will use biological technology to produce ethanol-added gasoline with sweet potatoes. 3 million tons of sweet potatoes will produce 300 thousand tons of ethanol-added gasoline. So the annual output value is US $331.25 million and the high-protein forage and chitosan by processing the byproducts will generate US $106.25 million.
Project progress:
Enterprise information:
Name: Lingshou Sweet Potato Industrial Association
General information:
Address: Lingshou Sweet Potato Industrial Association
Zhao Shuxiang
Tel: 0086-311-82633234
Post code:
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