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100 thousand t/y of crude benzene purifying project
Content: Crude coking benzene contains benzene, toluene and xylene as well as some impurities including unsaturated compound, sulphocompound, oxygen compound and nitrogen compound. Benzene, toluene and xylene are important organic chemical materials. The downstream products deviating from arene are widely used in the making of three major synthetic materials (plastic, fibre and rubber), organic materials and various intermediates. The purified benzene is used for the production of fine chemical intermediates and organic materials. Toluene can be used to make benzene and xylene through disproportionation reactions, to make toluene diisocynate, organic materials and some intermediates and to be used as solvent in the production of coating, adhesives, oil ink and pesticides. In addition to the large consumption as solvent, xylene can be used to produce terephthalic acid and o-xylene. Meta xylene, with a small consumption, is mainly used for the making of m-phthalic acid and isophthalonitrile. The refining of crude benzene is to use chemical and physical methods to remove the impurities to obtain purified benzene. In recent years, quite a number of iron & steel enterprises are constructing coking projects. Several hundred of heap coking factories have been closed to build mechanized coking stoves, which have drastically increased the production of crude benzene. In such case, there are rich materials for the refining of crude benzene. At present, the refining of crude benzene adopts two types of technologies: one is the traditional etch cleaning and the other is hydrorefining. So far there are only two enterprises-Shijiazhuang Coking Group and Bao Steel Group-using hydrorefining technology and the other enterprises are still using backward etch cleaning technology, causing serious pollution. Therefore a number of coking enterprises have proposed the hydrorefining project. Bao Steel Group has two kinds of technologies: one is Litol, put into production in 1985, with the production capacity of 60 thousand t/y; the other is Krupp Koppers hydrorefining/Morphylane extractive distillation, put into production in 1998, with the production capacity of 50 thousand t/y. The existing hydrorefining unit in Shijiazhuang Coking Group uses KruppKoppers hydrorefining/Morphylane extractive distillation, put into production in 1997, with the designed production capacity of 50 thousand t/y. As a technology of advanced international level, this process generates small amount "three wastes" and little pollution while the catalyst and extractant can be recycled. The operations during the past years demonstrate that the unit is working smoothly and its major products-high purity benzene and toluene-have satisfied the designed standards. The purity of benzene is over 99.9% and of toluene is over 99%, making them superior to benzene made from petroleum.
Classification: Chemical Industry
Region: Shi Jiazhuang
Total invested capital: 21.3 million US dollars
Foreign investment to be introduced: 12.35 million US dollars
Investment estimation and cooperation pattern:  
Economical efficiency analysis: Put into full production, the project will realize annual sales income of US $36.86 million, sales tax of US $1.6 million. The internal rate of investment return (after-tax) is 23.42%, higher than the base earnings rate-12%. During the 20 years’ operation, it is estimated that the average annual profit total is US $5.75 million. The annual sales tax and addition is to be US $1.6 million, average annual income tax to be US $1.9 million, average annual after-tax profit to be US $3.85 million and after-tax net present value US $15.26 million. The rate of investment return is 25.18% and all the investment will be recovered in 5.31 years. Being economically feasible, this project upon completion will reap excellent economic and social benefits.
Project progress:  
Enterprise information:
Name: Shijiazhuang Coking Group Co., Ltd.
General information: Shijiazhuang Coking Group Co., Ltd., set up in 1914 as the first metallurgical coke enterprise in China, has now become a large enterprise group producing metallurgical coke, coal gas and chemical coal products. As the coal gas supplier for Shijiazhuang City, the Group takes the social responsibility of providing fuel gas to the residents and various enterprises, playing a key role in maintaining the social stability and promoting economic development.
Contact: Zhang Wenhui
Tel: 0086-311-86916800
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