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Zhang Wenhui
 Project information:


100 million m3/y hydrogen making project
Content: Hydrogen is the major raw material for the such projects in the chemical industrial base as crude benzene purifying, cyclohexanone, and caprolactam. Shijiazhuang Coking Group plans to use granule coke as the raw material to build 100 million m3/y hydrogen making unit using continuous gasification technology through pure oxygen.
Classification: Chemical Industry
Region: Shi Jiazhuang
Total invested capital: 12.5 million US dollars
Foreign investment to be introduced: 5 million US dollars
Investment estimation and cooperation pattern:  
Economical efficiency analysis: Upon completion this project will realize sales income of US $15 million, profit & tax of US $338 million and profit US $2.29 million.
Project progress: The feasibility study report for the project has been finished and preparations are being made for project approval. According to construction schedule, the project will start construction in October of 2006 and will becompleted and organize trial run in October of 2007.
Enterprise information:
Name: Shijiazhuang Coking Group Co., Ltd.
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Tel: 0086-311-86916801
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