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Project information:


2×30,000 ton production line of wet pelletization of carbon black
Content: It intends to adopt advanced carbon black production technology to build two 30 thousand ton production lines of wet pelletization of carbon black, 3,000KW power generation unit by waste heat, workshops and warehouses. When put into production, this project will produce 60 thousand t/y wet pelletization of carbon black and 21.6 million KWh electricity.
Classification: Infrastructure
Region: Shi Jiazhuang
Total invested capital: 12.83 million US dollars
Foreign investment to be introduced: 7 million US dollars
Investment estimation and cooperation pattern:  
Economical efficiency analysis: Upon completion, this project will realize annual sales income of US $21.93 million, annual profit of US $4.27 million and tax of US $3.8 million. The pretax investment recovery period is 3.7 years and aftertax investment recovery period is 4.3 years.
Project progress: Joint investment or cooperation
Enterprise information:
Name: Shijizhuang Xinxing Chemically Modified Carbon Co., Ltd.
General information: Shjiazhuang Xinxing Chemically Modified Carbon Co., Ltd. is the demonstration enterprise of Science and Technology Spark Program of Hebei Province, star enterprise of science and technology, one of top 50 chemical enterprises in the province as well as one of key township enterprises in China. The company is situated in Jiazhuang Town, Kuangqu District, 50 kilometers west of Shijiazhuang City, capital of Hebei Province. With a registered capital of US $1.07 million, it has fixed assets of US $7.25 million, covering a land area of 99,900 m2 and employing 480 workers, 25 of whom are with intermediate or senior technical qualifications. Currently, there are five carbon black production lines of 100 thousand t/y, one industrial power plant of 3,000KW, one demonstration base of agricultural-ecological technologies of 50 mu. The major products include chemically modified SAC, new type superhigh abrasion resistant carbon black, precipitated calcium carbonate, superfine activated calcium, general purpose light carbon black. All these products are sold to 280 enterprises in 24 provinces and municipalities, with annual sales income of US $21.47 million and profit & tax of US $2.28 million.
Address: Shjiazhuang Xinxing Chemically Modified Carbon Co., Ltd., Hebei Province
Contact: Xue Desheng Su Jianjun
Tel: 86-311-82079410, 82079871
Post code: 050100
Fax: 86-311-82079948
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