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Project information:


40 million m/y production line of top grade plus materials
Content: The project plans to build a new 100 thousand spindle production line of compact yarn and add 500 shuttleless looms to make top grade textile plus material (including polin, decoration fabric and stockinette). The project upon completion will make 40 million meters of grey cloth.
Classification: Textile Industry
Region: Shi Jiazhuang
Total invested capital: 55.8 million US dollars
Foreign investment to be introduced: 27.5 million US dollars
Investment estimation and cooperation pattern: The total investment of the project is US $55.8 million and foreign investment is US $27.5 million. The Chinese side will invest in the form of cash, land, factory buildings, yard and some of the textile production equipment while the foreign side shall invest in the form of cash. Joint investment or cooperation
Economical efficiency analysis: The project after being put into production will realize estimated annual sales income of US $53.7 million, after-tax profit of US $10 million. The period of investment recovery is 4.2 years, internal rate of financial return 31.64%, and rate of investment return 26.75%.
Project progress:
Enterprise information:
Name: Shijiazhuang Penghui Textile Co., Ltd.
General information:
Address: Xinjian Street Shenze County, Hebei Province
Contact: Wang Qunying (Board Chairman)
Tel: 0086-311-83520448
Post code: 52560
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