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Basic customer information:

Customer name:

Hebei Jinzhou Cottonseed Oil Factory
Industry: 32
Nationality and region: Shijiazhuang
Website: http://
Sequence: 1
Detailed customer informatioin:
Tel: 0086-311-84322203
Fax: 0086-311-84322310
Post code: 052260
Ownership: ---
Customer introduction: Jinzhou Cottonseed Oil Factory, established in 1950, covers a land area of 66,670 m2, construction area of 25,000 m2. Currently there are four production lines: delintion, oil squeezing, refining of edible oil and cotton-cake lixiviating. Each year, the company processes cotton seed of 16,000 tons, edible oil of 3,600 tons, linter pulp and rap pulp of 15,000 tons and cotton linters of 1,000 tons. All of these products enjoy a brisk domestic market.
Scale: ---
Annual turnover: ---
Investment orientation: --
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