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Reunion Fruit---Honey pomelo
Information category: the information of supply
Industry: The Others
Detailed information: Features: 1) Product name: honey pomeloes 2) Colors: light green, yellow 3) Juicy, semi-transparent and nice looking 4) Light sweet and sour taste 5) Weight per piece: 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg and up 6) Available time: from the middle of september to next February Guanxi Honey Pomelo is grown in Pinghe of Fujian Province, which has enjoyed a 500 years of Pomelo growing history. The pomelo is seedless, mild, succulent and always with a rich fragrance of honey. Juice of the pomelo is sweet and sometimes with a little sour, its particular pleasant taste usually makes you want to have another piece. The particular fruit can be stored for 3 months naturally, so it is fit for export. Interested parties, please contact us immediately.
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Name: lf
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Tel: 86-595-22192280
Fax: 86-59522192290
Address: #9A Unit 6,Building 1 Qian yi Garden ,Ping Shan Rd,
Postcode: 362000
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