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fiberglass tank and vessels
Information category: the information of supply
Industry: Machinery Industry
Detailed information: Providing quality Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks with excellent customer service. Is a renowned leader in the fiberglass industry, with over 30 years of combined experience, Belding Tank Technologies. Features: 1) Applications: Petroleum industry, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer production, Metallurgy, light industry, electric power industry, machinery, mining, Transportation, water draining, national defense construction 2) Made though computerized mechanical twining process 3) Adopting thermosetting resin for basal body and reinforcement materials For products 4) Corrosion resistance 5) Durable under high temperature and high pressure 6) Lightweight 7) Long service life 8) Easy to install and low maintenance expense Our customers list is including Tyco Electrnics from USA, the Envipure From Singapore, Nasque fron Malaysia. The image is one tank on flat rack in Tianjin Port.
Company information:
Name: --
Person to contact: yao
Tel: 0318-8237766
Fax: 0318-8235695
Address: No188.FuQiang North Road ZaoQiang County,HeBei.F.R
Postcode: 053100
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