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Shijiazhuang is abundant in natural resources. There are more than 50 mineral resources proved up, more than 1,100 lodes. The reserves of 17 mineral resources have been proved up, scattering in 58 lodes. The resources of high quality include coal, natural gas, limestone, dolomite, quartz and white mica. Such minerals as iron, manganese, chrome, vanadium, titanium, copper, lead, and zinc spread in the regions and counties located in the east side of Taihang Mountain.18 resources of terrestrial heat have been discovered, and the total flux of hot water is 13,900 cubit meters each day, of which the underground hot water in Wentang County has a natural outcrop, and its temperature is 68 centigrade. The water quality is superior and the water is rich in niton, which has a high medical value.
The botanical resources proved up to more than 2, 500, of which over 230 are of medical value.
With abundant agricultural resources, Shijianzhuang City has a cultivated land of 0.59 million hectares. It is the main base for high quality grain, cotton, pears, dates and walnuts in Heibei Province. With a great variety of agricultural crops, a large planting area, Shijiazhuang is the main production base for foodstuff and cotton. Now Shijiazhuang has developed into one of the green agriculture bases in north China.
;Forestry develops with a fast pace, covering 5.06 million mu, of which 2.37 million mu is ecologic forest, 2.49million mu is economic forest, 0.2million mu is speeded-up forest for wood. The covering rate of forest has reached 21.8%, the gross production value of forest is 4.6billion Yuan. There are still 3 million mu of barren mountain and desolate sands which is suitable for forest. The vast mountainous region in the west is suitable for planting ecologic forest and the forest of dry fruit; the original river ways of Hutuo River, etc. are sands resources suitable for shelterbelt, speeded-up forest for wood, and economic forest.

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