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Shijiazhuang City covers a total area of 15, 848 km2, and has a population of 9.17 million. The urban area covers an area of 456km2, and has a population of 2.17 million. Shijiazhuang City currently governs 6 districts, 12 counties, 5 county-level cities and one state-leveled hi-new-tech industrial development zone. The six districts are Chang' an District, Qiaodong District, Qiaoxi District,Xinhua District, Yuhua District, and Jingxing Mining District. The 12counties include Shenze County, Wuji County, Zhaoxian County, Lingshou County, Gaoyi County, Yuanshi County, Zanhuang County, Pingshan County, Jingxing County, Luancheng County, Zhengding County, Xingtang County; and 5 county-level cities LUquan City, Xinji City, Gaocheng City, Jinzhou City, and Xinle City. Shijiazhuang Hi-New-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

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