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Roads Transportation; Jing-Shi, Shi-Tai, Shi-Huang and Shi-An Express Highways and the National Roads No.107,207,307, and 308as well as 21 provincial roads and 42 county-level roads form convenient traffic network in Shi Jiazhuang City, with a total mileage of 7956km.
Railway transportation Shi Jiazhuang is a key railway hub of the whole country. Jing-Guang, Shi-Tai, Shi-De and Shuo-Huang railways meet here, among which the Jing-Guang Railway is a great artery for connecting home and abroad, the Shi-Tai Railway is a main passage for transporting coal from Shan Xi Province. Being one of the national top grade railway stations and one of the three marshalling stations in China, Shi Jiazhuang Railway Station is mainly in charge of the tasks for passenger transportation and goods distribution,trains dispatch and organization on the above mentioned three railways, with daily transporting 30 thousand passengers in 160 passenger trains and 12,410cargoes of 230 trains for goods.
;Airlines Shi Jiazhuang Airport is large enough for the large and medium-sized passenger liner to land and take off. Now more than 44 domestic and international airlines are open, reaching 32 large and medium-sized domestic cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian , Hong Kong , and foreign cities like Moscow, Almaty. 12 airlines including Air China, China Eastern and China Southern have joined the operation of air-routes.
;Post and telecommunications Shi Jiazhuang is one of the country's four major distribution centers, and also a key hub of the telecommunication networks south of Beijing. By the end of 2004, the number of the local program controlled telephones has reaches 2.49 million, the exchanging general amount of terminals for long distance call has reached 62 thousand, and the amount of terminals for figure telecommunication has reached ferring web from the city to counties and the high-speed ring web inside the city have been established. The broad band figure network based on the city optical wire net, the broad band urban IP net, ATM net and broad band user local net has been up to a certain scale that a communicated capacity of thousand billion gets to road sides, hundred billion to buildings and ten billion to desks.
Urban Road Network The road network in the city is well-developed, which includes 4 horizontal roads, 6 vertical roads, 2 ring roads and 12 roads extending to the nearby areas. There are 50 main roads, 258 bridges (including 29 overpass bridges), and 82 public bus lines and 1,703 buses are being in service.
Power Supplying Shi Jiazhuang's power resource can assure a sufficient supply to the industrial and agriculture production and the resident's daily use in the city. There are 8 water plants, with daily supplying capacity of water 0.8 million tons. More than 99.03% of the urban residents (according to the population) use coal gas as fuel in Shi Jiazhuang City, and the annual coal gas supplying amount is 122 million cubic meters.

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